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By following the guidelines set forth, your hair, as well as your life will change.  This guide is not meant to say whether or not transitioning to natural hair is best or not; rather, this work is meant to discuss what might happen to you as a result of “going natural”.  This change has been known to cause the following side effects including but not limited to:

  • Your definition of beauty will change.

  • At some point, you may end up shaving your head.

  • You will know how to twist, braid, properly clean, condition, and moisturize your own natural hair.

  • Most people and in particular, other black people will refer to your hair as “bad hair”.

  • Your family, your partner, your friends and most importantly you will see a different person.

  • You will spend countless hours scouring the internet for natural hair tips and research.

  • White people will try to touch your body, in particular, your hair without your consent.

  • Your connection between your mind and body will grow.

  • No matter what you do to your hair, you will be beautiful.